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The Canadian mockingbird Krisie Snowdrop will perform for live at the Shopper’s Oasis at 3pm. Cancel your plans, close the blinds, switch your phone off, grab yourself a drink and a snack and come join us at the Shopper’s Oasis where our friends are your friends and vice versa.


This saturday we have 3 live singers and a DJ taking the stage at the Shopper’s Oasis.

We’ll start with Moondoggirl Moomint, who will take the stage at 1pm, followed by Anj Gustafson at 2pm, at 3pm Dominick Manatiso will sing for us and to top it off we got DJ Noxluna Nightfire playing our favourite songs from 4pm to 5pm.

So make sure you don’t miss any of these 4 fantastic performers and come join us. We’ll be waiting for you with open arms.

Yep Yep,.. today 4pm (SLT) Dominick Manatiso will perform live at Shopper’s Oasis. Dominick on stage equals great fun for everybody. Come join us at the Shopper’s Oasis 4pm tonigh. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes and great mood.

This saturday Dominick Manatiso will sing for us live at the Shopper’s Oasis. Dominick is a true entertainer and covers a huge variety of music. If you been to one of his gigs before we’ll see you there and if you haven’t, clear out your schedule and come join us. You dont want to miss this.

Our resident mockingbird will be back tomorrow at 3pm (SLT)  to put a smile on your face, give you goosebumps, make your eyes watery and make you move your feet.  So join us tomorrow at the Shopper’s Oasis where everybody is your friend and the ambience is peaceful and friendly.

Join our group if you want to make sure you dont miss it. We’ll send you a reminder when the concert is about to start. Used up all your group slots? No problem we also have a subscribe-o-matic. Not sure you’ll even be online? Also not a problem,.. follow us on twitter and you’ll be notified on your mobile.

Dominick has been singing for over 20 years and covers a huge variety of music. His influences include Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, James Taylor and Neil Diamond. Dominick loves to entertain and it shows during his shows. He loves to get the crowds involved and is devoted to make sure a great time is had by all. Join us to hear this amazing performer
at 4 pm slt at Shopper’s Oasis. It will be an hour you will enjoy.

Come bring your friends, make new friends and have fun with us. Browse the shops and see all the great
items we have.

Wow, a great surprise! Diesel Karillion made it into twon and he feels like singing! We sure feel like hearing him! Join us at Shopper’s Oasis for the rare trear of Diesel Karilliion performence.

We told you the saturdays at Shopper’s Oasis were good. Didnt’ we? DIDN’T WE?! 😉

Tomorrow 28th march 2010, we have two great singers performing at Shopper’s Oasis.

First from 1pm till 2pm [drumroll…..] ZDiva Sorbet will take the stage. She is a powerhouse vocalist. ZDiva Sorbet has become a name and recognized talent in SL ever since she climbed up on the stage.

Then from 2pm till 3pm [drumroll again….] it’s time for Reallymad Morpork aka Mick. Mick has been singing in SL for almost two years and he always brings a smile to your face. His songs range from Norah Jones to Les Miserables, from Muse to sometimes even country.

MEB Fashion presents its new collection. It’s a Spring collection, then you’ll see flowers, shining sun, clear skyes. MariaElena put them into her 8 new clothes to welcome the forthcoming season.
You will find in it minidresses, tailleurs, jackets outfits, formal gowns, a complete line to match every need in your SL Spring.

The simple minidresses Saint Denis, black flowers on light blue background and loose leather belt, and Le Chat Rouge, with its intriguing laces on the breast and its passionate color, are paired to two jacket outfits: a classic tailleur, like Rive Droite and an original military-like one, like Tour d’Argent.

Then, the microskirts: Le Fleur du Mal comes with a deep neckline shirt on a worn-out brown skirt, and is worn with stunning varnish brown boots; varnish boots too, but liliac ones  with the Petit Jardin- the small garden – flowered and fresh as a spring flower field.

Complete the collection two classy dresses like Vogue and Le Chat Noir: the first one is serious and tasty, but is made naughty by a deep neckline and precious by a big crocodile belt. Le Chat Noir is a formal gown made spicy by a gipsy-like fastener on the breast, and made elegant by a rich drapery on the waist.

The collection allows people to live Spring  wearing sober and classy outfits, as usual for MEB style lovers. Most of them have French names: MariaElena did work thinking to a wonderful Spring in Paris, seeing in her imagination her outfits walking the boulevards along. MEB hopes that your fantasy will be stimulated in the same way by this new line.

Check it out the Shopper’s Oasis or at the MEB Mainstore.

Today at 3pm (SL time) Krisie Snowdrop will perform for us live at Shopper’s Oasis.

She will make you laugh, dance and even bring tears to your eyes with her songs.

Like always there is no admission fee so look up the event in search and hit the notify button.