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MEB Fashion presents its new collection. It’s a Spring collection, then you’ll see flowers, shining sun, clear skyes. MariaElena put them into her 8 new clothes to welcome the forthcoming season.
You will find in it minidresses, tailleurs, jackets outfits, formal gowns, a complete line to match every need in your SL Spring.

The simple minidresses Saint Denis, black flowers on light blue background and loose leather belt, and Le Chat Rouge, with its intriguing laces on the breast and its passionate color, are paired to two jacket outfits: a classic tailleur, like Rive Droite and an original military-like one, like Tour d’Argent.

Then, the microskirts: Le Fleur du Mal comes with a deep neckline shirt on a worn-out brown skirt, and is worn with stunning varnish brown boots; varnish boots too, but liliac ones  with the Petit Jardin- the small garden – flowered and fresh as a spring flower field.

Complete the collection two classy dresses like Vogue and Le Chat Noir: the first one is serious and tasty, but is made naughty by a deep neckline and precious by a big crocodile belt. Le Chat Noir is a formal gown made spicy by a gipsy-like fastener on the breast, and made elegant by a rich drapery on the waist.

The collection allows people to live Spring  wearing sober and classy outfits, as usual for MEB style lovers. Most of them have French names: MariaElena did work thinking to a wonderful Spring in Paris, seeing in her imagination her outfits walking the boulevards along. MEB hopes that your fantasy will be stimulated in the same way by this new line.

Check it out the Shopper’s Oasis or at the MEB Mainstore.


Atelier Bonetto presents the gown dressed by Estrelia Guisse that won Miss fashion 2010 contest.
The elegance refined for a dress that shows sweetness and romance.
Made of green silk water, is composed of a finely worked asymmetric corset back and a skirt with flounces and train with soft drapes.The volume of the skirt is created by a series of skirts and petticoats stopped by a rich staple that is enriched and overlap in a game of layers and transparencies that give solidity to the dress.
Complete the dress shall be composed of jewelry parure bracelet, earrings, rings and necklaces in gold and aquamarine, teardrop-shaped pendant in the same shade of color of the dress.

Tonight at 4:00pm DJ Noxluna Nightfire will play a 2 hour set at Shopper’s Oasis. We had the honour of her performing for us before and it was absolutely fantastic.

So put on your dancing shoes and join us inWorld.

Atelier released a new collection. Click on the thumbnails above to have a closer look.

1. Red Queen

Formal and piquancy gown that bring you in a fairytale world. The purple red and the gold  fabric’s colors mix together with little jewels inlay and transparent camisol for a sexy and fairy impression. The sculpt and flexy sleeves have a rich and bulcky effect.
The belt is made with a lot of little leafs that add the fairy tale. All attachments have to resize for a perfect fit and have a flexi skirt bewitching movement, skirt has a sit script to be perfect even when seated.

2. Savana

The natural beauty and contrasts that the Savanna can be show  are among the most beautiful in the world.
This dress will warm hearts with the beautiful colors of Africa with the warmth of the tones of the rays of the sun: A dress inspired by the scents of those faraway places elegance and sophistication of these fairs and beautiful women. A golden bodice, binds the breast with asymmetric mode, highlighting the feminine neckline. The belt high waist is embellished with inlaid diamonds and precious stones. The warm color of the silk skirt plays on the nuances in tones of bronze, copper and gold, recalling the warmth of the sun and the land of the savanna. In perfect African style the parure of jewels coordinated. Like all the clothes Atelier Bonetto the attachment of this  dress too have resize and sit script.

3. Snake

Elegant, sinuous, dangerous and sometimes lethal…The woman who wears Snake knows that fascinating and provocative, she enchants and bite if necessary. A magical woman who dresses elegantly superfine.
For a woman like this a dress in silk with snake print leather inlays. The flexi skirt with wide movements and harmonious and complete resize script and sit script so that the skirt can lie down on soft legs when seated. But the charm of each woman is dictated by the particular, from those feminine touches of craftsmanship that make them unique. Here’s Atelier Bonetto choose to enter into this dress a jewel-shaped snake silver and onyx, the jewel from the elegant design gives importance and charm to the wearer.

4. Max Classic

L’Atelier Bonetto with this set want to show to all men who know how to identify in the excellence and refinement of the details their style, and personality.
You can see here a complete elegant, sophisticated and surprising: the classic black ceremonial robe is worn with a white shirt made with micro pleats and a original andsoft tie and for a man attentive to detail.
The jacket and shirt are made with sculpt attachment to give volume and class to the dress. Enrich the outfits, the hat (double size) and the rose buttonhole touch of extreme refinement.
A perfect combination for special occasions such as weddings or celebrations in grand style, composed of many elements sculpt all formats resize script for the perfect fit.

5. Allure

This long evening gown enhances the feminine beauty and elegance of women giving light and brilliance through a constellation of crystals and silver-toned edges. A suit valuable and important that emphasizes the grace and feminine charm. The generous neckline is embellished with a pearl necklace in coordination with the belt and bracelet. All attachments have to resize for a perfect fit and have a flexi skirt bewitching movement, skirt has a sit script to be perfect even when seated.

6. Contessa

A elegant beige and gold  gown for your glamour night. This  color-matching is influenced by the hot earth’s warm. The top bound up the body and is closed by a little glod chain. The  back  is nude and show the woman  sex appeal. The  split skirt is so sexy and cool made for the woman who like to appear and like all clothes Atelier Bonetto the skirt has a sit script to be perfect even when seated. The outfit is enriched with gold and amethyst chain jewels   with the resize script  for a perfect fit.

We would like to thank all artists, merchants and visitors for making the Grand Opening a success. Keep an eye out on this website about our upcoming events.

We have an amazing line-up for our grand-opening tonight with 3 live singers and a DJ.

Here’s tonights program (SL time):

  • 2:00pm – Dominick Manatisa
  • 3:00pm – Krisie Snowdrop
  • 4:00pm – DJ Noxluna
  • 7:00pm – Vincent Merricks

Check out their biography under the “Artists” section of this blog.

There will be gifts made available by some of the shops.

There will be weekly live events  at Shopper’s Oasis so make sure you join the group and/or follow us on twitter to stay updated.

This SLurl will take you to the Shopper’s Oasis.

The Class Act outfit is the latest release from Geezer Garments. It excists of a white shirt with a few open buttons, a 3/4 coat, matching trousers and sunglasses (with resize script). Just like all other complete outfits from Geezer Garments it’s available for just L$349.

Click here to buy this item.