Moon cut her teeth on folk, lost her innocence to rock, and came of age with country. Her writing today reflects different country styles from pop to soul. In 2006 she started spending 50% of her time in Nashville, TN, to focus on her writing. When asked to describe her own music she’d tell you it will groove, bruise and move you…it’s a real mix of country twang with fangs! If you ask Moon who her influences are, you will be surprised to learn she has a love for most genres of music, and they all come through in her writing. From lucinda williams, bonnie raitt, joni mitchell, carly simon, linda rondstat, sheryl crow, waylon jennings and the outlaws, emmylou harris, bobbie gentry and dusty springfield, elvis costello, jonatha brooke, lyle lovett, the beatles, patsy cline, billie holliday and all the old jazz standards, and she says, “now there are so many new country influences too numerous to mention…”

Her roots are in advertising were she spent her career as a graphic desiger, creative director and copywriter. Her passion for music developed at an early age and continued through the years until she could dedicate herself to her true calling, songwriting. She performs in both Nashville and Minneapolis at writer venues. Now her time is split between Minneapolis and Nashville. In Nashville she is in co-writing sessions, working on demos of her songs in a recording studios. In Minneapolis she works and writes. She performs live in Second Life on a regular basis, as Moondoggirl Moomint.